Through a person centred holistic counselling approach Next Step Careers helps you to gain a clear understanding of what is important to you so that you can work towards turning aspirations into achievements.

Next Step Careers will help you to generate a range of career options so you can draw up a realistic, yet practical, action plan of what you need to move forward.  This may include understanding how you have come to be where you are and what motivates you now ; identify  the barriers that hold you back and consider the ways that they can be overcome; as well as examine the work life balance that you want.

Our friendly professional service is tailored to meet your needs.  The number of meetings required varies from person to person. Some people have one session while others benefit from greater exploration and support.


Working with Next Step Careers you will have a professional customised CV that is a true reflection of you, while tailored to meet the requirements of the wider job market or a specific vacancy you are applying for.


The interview is the most important point in your job search.  The employer  now wants to explore further: Can you do the job? Will you ‘fit’ in the organisation? Have you potential to grow with the organisation?  The interview is the one opportunity you have to make an impression and you need to make it count.

Whether you are in the great position of having an interview scheduled or you would like to refresh your interview skills in anticipation of an upcoming interview, Next Step Careers will work with you to ensure you present a confident and effective portrayal of what your unique offering is to the company.


It certainly is not easy and it can feel like a challenging, complicated and frustrating experience. In many ways successful job hunting has now become a skill in itself.

Next Step Careers will help you to develop a positive job search frame of mind.   This includes coaching you in how to  plan what resources you will need; create a social media presence e.g linkedin; research the suitability and availability of specific jobs; set realistic personal goals and keep track of your progress. In addition we will help you to identify any modifications required in your job search approach.

We provide straightforward tangible steps to assist you to bring about the career changes that you want.