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Joy Manning Guidance Counsellor

Joy Manning

With a BA (Hons) in Communications Studies, Joy Manning has substantial experience of Training and Development Management at all levels in organisations working with diverse groups of adults.  Joy’s main experience in the last number of years has focused onVocational and Educational Training, providing individual personal and vocational counselling to encourage people to take an active role in their own development.   Joy works in confidence with people of all ages and backgrounds to explore learning and work opportunities. She has a particular aptitude for identifying barriers which may need to be overcome to attain these opportunities.  Of particular focus has been supporting people who may encounter difficulty in finding and continuing mainstream employment.

Joy has designed and delivered training programmes across a range of disciplines including job search, CV preparation and interview skills plus a broad range of other programmes, including parenting skills and literacy skills , programmes designed to meet the needs of specific groups as required.

The diversity of people Joy has enjoyed supporting range from people looking to make a career change, begin their career search, re-enter the job market after prolonged absence,  as well as  non nationals and people with medical, mental or physical health concerns.

In addition Joy has successfully completed programmes on Conflict Management, Mental Health, Equality and Diversity, Welfare Rights, Addiction Studies, Counselling Skills and Advocacy.

Claire Hurley

Claire Hurley uidance CounsellorClaire Hurley has an extensive background in Human Resources Management within multinational private sector organisations and more recently career management experience both privately and within the Higher Education sector.   As a graduate of University of Limerick with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management Claire has gained over 15 years experience in all aspects of HR Management – employee development, employee relations, management development, organisation restructuring, change management, performance management ,discipline and grievance handling.

A Professional Career Guidance Consultant, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Guidance and Counselling and currently completing a Masters Education Adult Guidance and Counselling, Claire has invaluable experience in guiding adults in transition.   Having herself re-launched her career moving from human resources management to focus purely on career development with adults, Claire has experienced the challenges of changing from the known to the unknown. Her strengths lie in CV , interview preparation and in guiding others to understand their life story and work through career change.